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Smart paper test strips that can accurately detect insulin in saliva at the point-of-care, offering a replacement for the current ELISA test.

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Competitive advantage

This paper-based technology can accurately detect insulin to provide point-of-care monitoring for patients with pre-diabetes or diabetes.Advantages include:

  • Saliva detection – the technology is non-invasive
  • Rapid response times of less than 10 min
  • Accurate – comparable to the standard ELISA test
  • Highly sensitive (0.03 ng/mL insulin sensitivity, 1 order more sensitive than ELISA)
  • Cost-effective (less than $1 per test strip)
  • Stable at room temperature
  • Point-of-care disposable strips
  • Simple to use with an optical signal readable by eyes, or smart phone
  • Smart paper strip has universal applications for early detection of chronic disease biomarkers
  • Suitable for resource limited settings


  • Simple detection of insulin in saliva
  • Improved ability to prevent and manage pre-diabetes or diabetes
  • Smartphone-based signal readout will improve data collection and management of health data, enhancing capabilities to use big data for machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

Successful outcomes

  • Provisional patent filed (2018904363)
  • Start-up in development

Capabilities and facilities

  • Dedicated facilities for making pape