Smart, Energy Efficient and Secure IoT Systems for Indoor Farming

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Energy efficient, reliable and secure-networked embedded sensing systems (IoT), in which Artificial Intelligence is processed on the device/edge rather than in the cloud. This reduces network requirements and latency.

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Competitive advantage

  • Inventor of patented EMIoT smart building technology, which creates a stable and scalable LoRa meshed network. allowing remote, online and automatic testing


  • Networked automatic emergency light inspection improves the productivity of smart-building facility managers and reduces the maintenance costs for building owners
  • Reducing the energy consumption and greenhouse gas footprint of smart buildings

Successful applications

  • Deployment of smart building technology in high-rise buildings
  • Large-scale deployments in a variety of environments, including buildings, rainforest, farms and lakes

Capabilities and facilities

  • Low Power Wide Area Network and Bluetooth Low Energy testbed in industrial, residential and university campus buildings
  • NVIDIA GPU servers with 3x Tesla v100 (32GB) and 18x GeForce RTX 2080 TI (16GB) for edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) deep learning applications.

Our partners

  • WBS Tech
  • Inkerz