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Developing high performance silicon sub-cells for use in III-V/silicon multi-junction solar cells and targeting final efficiencies in excess of the single junction limit of 33 percent.

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Competitive advantage

  • World-leading expertise in silicon solar cells
  • Unique knowledge of Passivated Emitter Rear Local diffusion (PERL) and related silicon solar cell designs and processing requirements
  • Expertise in the preparation of silicon structure for III-V growth processes preserving silicon performance
  • Patented room temperature contacting technique to simplify processing
  • Design and optimisation capability for silicon sub-cells including detailed device modelling, and expertise in additive optical path length enhancement techniques


  • First group to investigate the design requirements for a silicon solar cell with grown III-V material as top junction
  • Part of team that holds the current two junction III-V/silicon multi-junction world record for one sun illumination

Successful applications

  • Successfully determined robust process for preserving silicon minority carrier lifetimes during III-V growth
  • Used modelling and experimental work to determine the key device features to ensure high performance silicon sub-cells
  • Produced the first III-V/silicon multi-junction solar cells with optical path length enhancement schemes integrated

Capabilities and facilities

  • Full silicon solar cell processing capability including emitter and back surface diffusions, controlled surface texturing and advanced metallisation
  • Additive optical path length enhancement techniques developed at UNSW
  • Multi-junction solar cell characterisation including spectral response

Our partners

  • SolAero, USA