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The fabrication of nanoscale devices featuring inorganic semiconductor nanowires and organic electronic and bioelectronic materials enables novel electronic applications such as bio-compatible devices.

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Competitive advantage

  • Electron-beam lithography of polymer electrolytes and ionomers for electronics applications
  • Deposition and nanoscale patterning of ultra-thin (< 50nm) parylene films for nanoscale device applications
  • Fabrication of semiconductor nanowire devices
  • Electrical characterisation of semiconductor nanowire devices


  • Harnessing the advantages offered by nanoscale structures including power to size ratio and enhanced functionality and durability

Successful applications

  • Development of nanowire transistors with gate-all-around structures with multiple independent gates and polymer insulators
  • Nanoscale patterning of ion-conducting polymers for use as gate structures for nanowire transistors
  • Nanoscale devices for ion-to-electron signal transduction
  • High-performance p-GaAs MESFETs for nanowire CMOS
  • Ultra-thin parylene films as patterned insulators in nanoscale devices
  • Nanowire devices for bioelectronics applications

Capabilities and facilities

  • Equipment for electrical measurements down to 1 Kelvin and magnetic fields up to 9 Tesla (with full-sphere rotation)
  • Custom-built parylene deposition system for ultra-thin film deposition
  • Electrical characterisation of devices under controlled atmosphere

Our partners

  • Collaborations with numerous internationally respected teams