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The fabrication of full industrial-size screen-printed solar cells, from raw silicon wafers through to working devices with screen-printed metal contacts, and encapsulated photovoltaic modules.

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Competitive advantage

  • Full end-to-end fabrication of screen-printed solar cells
  • State-of-the-art characterisation facilities for industrial solar cells
  • Decades of expertise in silicon solar cell fabrication and characterisation


  • Reducing light- and temperature-induced degradation increases the performance of industrial screen-printed solar cells

Successful applications

  • Commercialisation of advanced hydrogenation processes for eliminating light-induced degradation and light- and elevated temperature-induced degradation in silicon solar cells

Capabilities and facilities

  • Complete screen-printed solar cell fabrication in the Solar Industrial Research Facility

Our partners

  • LONGi
  • Suntech
  • Canadian Solar
  • SAS Sunrise
  • LG Electronics
  • China Sunergy
  • CEC Energy
  • Phono Solar
  • Tongwei
  • Nanjing Sunport
  • Tianwei
  • Jinko
  • Meyer Burger
  • Schmid
  • DR Laser
  • Asia Neo Tech
  • Ke Long Wei