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Conducting interdisciplinary policy analysis and design—including carbon pricing, renewable energy and energy efficiency certificate schemes, reverse auctions, tariff design and other policy mechanisms—across the technology lifecycle to help determine the trajectory and cost of clean energy transitions, and the impacts on different stakeholders.

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Competitive advantage

  • Working directly in industry, and lead and participate in International Energy Agency collaborations on integration of high penetration DER.


  • Assess the effectiveness, efficiency, equity and feasibility of emissions pricing, energy efficiency and renewable energy policy mechanisms.

Successful applications

  • Analysis of the effectiveness, efficiency and equity impacts of market-based schemes
  • Modelling of policy impacts on electricity industries
  • Development of open source tariff modelling and analysis tools
  • Submissions to policy and regulatory processes

Capabilities and facilities

  • 15 years’ experience in the development of policies and frameworks designed to enable the uptake of low emissions technologies
  • Expertise in electricity market and distributed energy modelling, data science applications to energy problems and the development of open source tools

Our partners

  • All levels of Government
  • NEM institutions
  • Network businesses
  • Industry associations
  • NGOs
  • Numerous consultants, renewable energy developers, distributed energy businesses and start-ups