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Research to chart the legal and regulatory pathways that will influence the transition to a more sustainable energy regime—notably the choice of technology and its impacts on climate, water, food and society, and how the competing goals of energy security and environmental sustainability will be managed.

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Competitive advantage

  • Expertise in natural resources, environmental and energy law
  • Advanced skills in applying quantitative surveys, qualitative interviews and legal analysis to enhance the implementation of energy law and regulation
  • Global networks and expertise in regulating the food-energy-water nexus


  • Ensuring energy transitions achieve more optimal social and environmental outcomes
  • More sustainable, efficient and integrated regulatory frameworks for energy developments
  • Governance pathways for better management of contested environment, social and economic goals

Successful applications

  • Identifying international reforms to balance energy security and sustainability
  • Development of more integrated legal frameworks for managing unconventional gas and its impacts on food and water

Capabilities and facilities

  • Law and policy design optimisation for governing energy and its impacts on food, water and the environmental system
  • Access to leading energy law and regulatory scholars in the UK and USA through the PLuS Alliance