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Nanosecond-duration plasmas for a range of engineering applications.

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Competitive advantage

  • Technologies developed for the generation of nanosecond-duration plasma discharges. These plasmas can operate at very high voltages while maintaining cold plasma characteristics, as the pulse duration is too short for the plasma to transition to a spark under some conditions
  • Laser-based diagnostics capable of nanosecond or shorter duration measurements of species concentration, temperature and electric field strength have also been developed


  • These devices have a range of possible applications, including
  • Fuel ignition systems
  • Sterilisation of medical equipment, foods and liquids
  • Destruction of contaminants in water
  • Thin film deposition technologies

Successful applications

  • Built and characterised nanosecond repetitively pulsed power supplies
  • Measurements of temperature and species concentration during and immediately after the pulsed discharge occurs

Capabilities and facilities

  • D1.5 nanosecond commercial pulser
  • 80+ nanosecond variable duration pulser developed in-house