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Aiming to make cities more inclusive to rural-urban migrants and other disadvantaged social groups in the face of fast economic growth and urbanisation in China.

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Competitive advantage

  • Multi-disciplinary (economics and social policy) expertise, which is crucial in dealing with complex, urban issues
  • Deep understanding of China’s social challenges and the efforts to deal with them
  • Skilful in communicating research findings and engaging policy practitioners, which is critical to influencing policy
  • Leading social policy expertise in the social development and governance of rapid urbanisation
  • At the forefront of work on the social needs and governance of high density and highly mobile population


  • Primarily focused on China but has contributed to the international quest for best practices on how to maintain social harmony within a fast-growing, highly unequal and highly mobile migrant population in urban settings
  • Helping multiple international organisations and national development agencies provide better understanding and monitoring of China’s progress in delivering the social goals as part of the Sustainable Development Agenda

Successful applications

  • Research provides important cultural and institutional background information for the migrant population from China to other countries. This information would be particularly useful for policymakers in the hosting societies to understand the behaviour and choices made by the migrant population
  • A media piece calling for providing after-school care for young rural-urban migrants based on research of the London riots and radicalisation of migrants’ children in the west has attracted the attention of the Chinese central government, local police and community governing bodies which increasingly devoted resources to after-school care for migrant children in urban communities

Our partners

  • Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • Social Policy Institute of Renmin University
  • George Institute