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Developing new planar structures and verifying simplified models for both high- and low-power applications, and exploring new, flexible matrices of magnetic components that can be reconfigured online. As the power electronics industry continues to grow and develop ever-smaller power supplies across a range of scales, from consumer electronics through to large electric vehicles, there is increasing demand to miniaturise. Planar magnetics is a space-efficient technology that allows magnetic components to be tightly integrated with their circuit.

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Competitive advantage

  • Novel planar magnetic matrices for flexible power supply systems
  • Improved high-frequency transformers and inductors using planar electronics
  • Advanced tools for the analysis, design and fabrication of novel magnetics
  • Bespoke planar magnetic design and analysis


Planar magnetics:

  • reduces the cost of integrating magnetic components into mass production
  • revises standards that currently underestimate capacity
  • improves the performance of magnetic components
  • The ability to reconfigure matrices of magnetic components online, brings greater efficiency to transformers and inductors.

Successful applications

  • Applications in solid-state high-frequency transformers
  • DC-DC power converters for supercapacitor storage and water treatment applications
  • Capabilities and facilities
  • Planar magnetics design and analysis tools including finite element modelling
  • Test and measurement systems to assess benefits and performance

Our partners

  • Shandong BOFA Power Machinery
  • Motorica