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Oculog is an innovative new remote eye tracking tool that tracks pupil and corneal reflection in a controlled lighting environment to estimate gaze position relative to a stationary or mobile camera. It can potentially be used to track eye movements of many people across a variety of real-world environments. Data can then be auto-aggregated to yield population gaze metrics.

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Competitive advantage

  • Can track eye movements in real-time from potentially multiple people
  • Estimates each individual’s gaze pattern relative to either stationary or mobile visual targets
  • No point-of-regard calibration required per observer
  • No need to wear head-gear that will interfere with observer performance
  • Cost-effective solution for a variety of eye-tracking applications


  • Improved biologically-based interfaces for a range of defence applications
  • Enhanced security

Successful applications

  • Patents with Canon Information Systems Research Australia
  • Multiple competitive research grants

Capabilities and facilities

  • Eye-tracking hardware and custom software
  • 3D animation and modelling for real-time rendering and simulation
  • Virtual reality hardware and customisable software for rapid deployment in a variety of research and development scenarios
  • Psychophysical resource suites for acquiring perceptual data to assess human perceptual performance in tailored applications
  • Computational modelling methods to predict perception/performance