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The development and assessment of ground-breaking and innovative axial machines. Axial flux machines have a form factor that suits in-hub motors for electric vehicles. They have been used for many years as the motor of choice for the world record-breaking Sunswift team, and are a popular choice of electrical generators for small- and large-scale wind turbines.

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Competitive advantage

  • Innovations that include PCB-mounted windings; three-phase machines and multi-phase variants; and permanent-magnet machines with a unique flux-weakening capability
  • Extensive experience in axial-flux machine design, analysis and control
  • Expertise in finite-element analysis and its use in axial flux machine design
  • Academic team that has expertise in design, operation and control sectors
  • Specialist knowledge of electrical machine design

Successful applications

  • Small-scale wind turbine generator
  • Novel electrical generator for a specialised application

Capabilities and facilities

  • Multi-phase machine design techniques
  • Multi-phase drives and controls
  • Low-speed, high-torque load machines and high-speed load machines

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  • Hummingbird Electronics