Novel Analysis and Control of Microgrids

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Using expertise in analysis and control to develop and implement novel solutions to manage demand, detect faults and regulate frequency in microgrids.

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Competitive advantage

Expertise in modelling, analysis, fault detection, fault classification and control of microgrids, including peak demand management, demand response and fault ride through operations

Novel approaches to:

  • detection and classification of disturbances in islanded -microgrids
  • fault location
  • regulating frequency through demand response

Development of improved load-shedding techniques


  • Greater appliance level data analysis and control
  • Facilitating the integration of electric vehicles
  • Enabling power demand management
  • Implementation of novel controllers under unbalanced voltage conditions

Successful applications

  • Reliable microgrids for remote communities with a communication-based control architecture
  • Analysis and control of doubly-fed induction generators (DFIG) in microgrids
  • Micro-generation test facility for the assessment of power quality and hybrid system control capabilities and facilities

Capabilities and facilities

  • Single-phase microgrid test facility
  • Three-phase microgrid
  • Software tools for analysis