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A leading capability in the development of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies over the past decade with long-lasting collaborations with a number of industry partners.

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Competitive advantage

  • Holistic approach that encompasses apps, protocols, security, analytics and device management
  • Expertise in building and deploying practical IoT systems, including:
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of energy-efficient wireless communication protocols
  • Blockchain technology for IoT
  • Security protocols for end-to-end communication and over-the-air programming
  • Biometrics and authentication
  • Privacy-enhancing technologies
  • Wearable IoT technologies for human activity recognition
  • Device-free sensing with WiFi
  • Batteryless sensing, and
  • IoT for sport analytics


  • Better integration of the physical world with computer-based systems

Capabilities and facilities

  • Comprehensive laboratory facilities with state-of-the-art IoT devices

Our partners

  • Defence Science and Technology (DST)
  • NEC
  • Google
  • Tata Consulting Services
  • Institute of Infocomm Research, Singapore
  • WBS technology (smart buildings with LPWAN)
  • Virtual Vehicle Research Centre, EU
  • Data 61, CSIRO