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NanoArmour is a highly effective way to enhance the stability of fragile drugs without the need for cold storage. This technology can eliminate the need for cold-chain transportation and extend the shelf-life of protein/DNA drugs and vaccines, which will significantly enhance the bioavailability of drugs.

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Competitive advantage

  • Extensive experience in nanotechnology research, design and development of biocompatible, responsive and ultra-stable nanocoatings for biomolecules
  • Competitive IP ownership in relevant technology


  • Enables fragile drugs to be available when cold storage is not accessible, e.g. during war or in third world countries
  • Enables fragile drugs to last longer, e.g. ultra-long shelf-life of protein/DNA drugs or vaccines

Successful outcomes

  • Successfully enhanced the stability of more than 50 proteins and DNA therapeutics to heat, UV, chemical and biological stressors.

Capabilities and facilities

  • Experimental facilities to test the structural performance of nanocoating technology
  • The ability to protect almost any form of biomolecule
  • The ability to be transferred to a biocompatible ionic form (e.g. Ca2+, Fe3+) immediately before administration