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Model predictive control has emerged as a promising alternative control technique for power electronic applications which provides rapid dynamics and responses to demand changes. It can handle multiple variables and system constraints and achieve a fast, dynamic response.

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Competitive advantage

  • The use of a computationally efficient optimizer, namely sphere decoding algorithm (SDA)
  • Experience in the practical application of n-multistep MPC using the ‘Sphere Decoding Algorithm’ in power electronics systems and electrical drives


  • Demonstrable improvement in electrical machine and drive performance
  • Ability to predict future horizon response and control capabilities
  • Reduced harmonic distortion and higher efficiency in machine drives and converter systems

Successful applications

  • These advanced control techniques have been applied, and shown to be effective in:
  • Conventional induction machine drives
  • Three-level inverter systems including neutral-point clamped and flying capacitor technologies

Capabilities and facilities

  • Rapid prototyping of multistep predictive control techniques
  • Multiple testing platforms including machine types and inverter topologies