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There is strong government appetite to increase the capacity of the affordable housing sector in Australia through new construction, redevelopment and management transfer programs. While assistance programs to raise energy efficiency do already exist, barriers continue to constrain the full potential of industry to deliver outcomes.

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Competitive advantage

  • Long-standing relationships with the affordable housing industries in Australia and overseas
  • Cross-disciplinary global collaborations with academic and industry experts
  • World-class capabilities in reviewing housing and social policies


  • Policy change to improve industry‚Äôs capacity to take up assistance
  • Improved housing quality and energy efficiency for vulnerable households

Successful applications

  • Advisory to government agencies and the affordable housing development industry.

Capabilities and facilities

  • Extensive knowledge of housing and social policies in Australia
  • Close working relationships with housing development industries and the community sector
  • Links with international experts on affordable housing policy development

Our partners

  • The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage
  • Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living