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The demand for alloys that can withstand high mechanical loads under harsh, high-temperature environments for aerospace and defence is growing. Combining state-of-the-art experimental techniques, mechanical testing and multi-scale modelling produces materials with superior properties

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Competitive advantage

  • High yield strength alloys for high temperature, load applications
  • > 10 % improvement in turbine yield strength at 650oC
  • Unique combination of experimental and theoretical tools
  • Strong connections to international manufacturers


  • Superior mechanical properties; high-temperature strength, creep resistance
  • Reduced structural weight
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Increased safety
  • More economical processing through targeted process re-design

Successful applications

  • Microstructural engineering of turbine discs for next-generation aircraft engines
  • Thermo-mechanical processing of defect-free specialty alloys
  • Strong track record of applied research as evidenced by publications with industrial partners

Capabilities and facilities

  • Materials processing labs; synthesis, thermal/thermo-mechanical testing a and simulation
  • Advanced electron microscopy and nano-scale characterisation of interfaces and small precipitates
  • Mechanical & morphological testing
  • Thermo-kinetic modelling

Our partners

  • International and local specialty alloy manufacturers
  • Voestalpine Group