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Delivering a better understanding of materials through characterisation, testing, failure analysis and lifetime prediction across a range of harsh and challenging environments. Thereby contributing to the development of new and novel materials such as high entropy alloys, bulk metallic glasses and bioinspired composites.

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Competitive advantage

Material performance in extreme environments

  • Nano- and Micro-scale testing up to 600°C
  • Macro-scale testing from cryogenic to 1500°C
  • Corrosive and oxidizing environments, vacuum, inert gas, aqueous & biological conditions

Modelling and simulation:

  • Novel crack propagation model development (overloads, spectrum loading, creep-fatigue)
  • Discrete damage model development

Conventional alloys and novel materials (high-entropy alloys, ceramics, metallic glasses, intermetallics, bio-inspired materials, etc.)


  • Novel materials development for challenging environments
  • Improved lifetime predictions

Capabilities and facilities

  • Alemnis in situ nanoindenter with intrinsic displacement control
  • Deben micro-test for ex situ and in situ deformation and property measurements
  • Instron multi-axial testing frames
  • Crack propagation modelling with overloads, spectrum loading
  • Discrete modelling of deformation, damage, failure

Our partners

  • US Department of Energy – Superalloys
  • Hereaus Group – Additive Manufactured Metals
  • Intel Corporation – Solders
  • SPEE3D – Additive Manufactured Metals
  • PCC Structurals – Superalloy Castings
  • ESCO Corporation – Steel Welds
  • Plansee SE Corporation – Refractory Metals
  • Glassimetal Inc. – Metallic Glasses
  • Liquidmetal Technologies– Metallic Glasses
  • PLATIT AG – PVD Coatings