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Automatically detecting mental state and depression by using voice screening and monitoring to make a non-invasive, cheap, smartphone-based assessment.

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Competitive advantage

  • State-of-the-art speech-based assessment of depression via smartphone
  • World leaders in automatic voice analysis


  • Smartphone-based solutions will reach millions of patients worldwide, and allow collection of big data
  • The technology also covers call-centre type solutions e.g. for automatically detecting suicidality in telephone calls

Successful outcomes

  • Early trials currently being conducted by ARC Linkage partner SondeHealth, with large pharmaceutical companies
  • Provisional patent currently being filed
  • Extended team (via ARC Linkage Project) has a quick path to market and are experts in app-based mental health interventions

Capabilities and facilities

  • Access to what is probably the largest depressed-speech database in the world

Our partners

  • SondeHealth
  • Black Dog Institute