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Both a permanent-magnet mover and a line-start linear electrical machine drive system have been designed for linear machine drive systems. Together, they optimise periodic motion and also enhance the line-start capability of the permanent-magnet linear synchronous machine.

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Competitive advantage

  • Expertise at using damping windings for modelling and drive strategy
  • Ability to deliver higher tolerance in the estimated position


  • Line start within all ranges of initial mover position
  • Rapid acceleration to synchronous speeds without the need for accurate position sensor

Successful applications

  • Up to 6 per cent reduction in overshoot of the periodic motion
  • Prototype electromagnetic launch system
  • General linear machine drive systems

Capabilities and facilities

  • Hardware setup for testing linear machines, with two types of mover
  • dSPACE 1104 real-time experimental platform
  • Complete motion control system