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Conducting research into the legal, regulatory and contextual aspects of markets, corporations, finance and business transactions, and using the findings to influence and impact regulators, government, business and the wider community.

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Competitive advantage

  • The premier research centre for studying the dynamics of market regulation
  • Specialising in the regulation of securities and financial products and services; theories of regulation and fairness in markets; regulation of online investing and algorithmic financial advising; corporate governance; and globalisation
  • Expertise in a range of market institutions, with a distinctive focus on understanding the nature and effects of regulation


  • Seeking fairness in the treatment of financial consumers
  • Developing strategies to navigate the intersections between regulation, professional and ethical values

Successful applications

  • Identifying the value of professionalism in regulatory settings
  • Mapping professional obligations world-wide
  • Devising policy and legal settings for new legislation
  • Developing policy for regulatory and self-regulatory enforcement
  • Advising on mass-market remediation schemes
  • Promoting fairness and institutional change as a ‘customer advocate’

Our partners

  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Financial Services Sector
  • Professional Services Sector