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The Laboratory for Precision and Nano Processing Technologies is a leading research unit equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for material testing, characterisation and manufacturing.

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Competitive advantage

Expertise across a range of areas, including:

  • Process innovation for manufacture and optimisation of advanced material devices and structures
  • Lightweight design of components and structures, including lightweight vehicles
  • Prediction/control of friction, wear and lubrication
  • Durability and optimisation (fracture, fatigue, wear rate and friction prediction and residual stresses)
  • Microstructural design and manufacture of materials with tailored properties and functions, and
  • Nano and precision machining and thermal forming


  • New materials and manufacturing technologies to solve problems across industries

Successful applications

  • Residual stress determination in thin film systems (The Silanna Group, Australia).
  • Control of lubrication in cold strip rolling of metals (Baoshan Iron & Steel Co Ltd, China)
  • New superabrasives cutting tool technology (Ringwood Superabrasives Australia).
  • Surface integrity characterisation of sapphire wafers for wireless and fibre optic semiconductor industry (Peregrine Semiconductor Australia)
  • Heat conduction characterisation of buried insulation layers in silicon-on-insulator systems (ARC Linkage Project with Silanna Semiconductor Australia)
  • Machining-induced damage mechanisms in KDP crystals (ARC Discovery Project)
  • High speed cold rolling of tinplate steel: lubrication performance and its assessment method (Baoshan Iron & Steel Co Ltd, China)
  • Automated manufacture of advanced composites (ARC Training Centre)
  • Scaling microfluidics for cell manufacture (ARC Linkage Project)

Capabilities and facilities

  • The lab has extensive facilities for the design, manufacture, processing and testing of new materials and structures.