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Examining how interfirm cooperation leads to innovation and exploring the point at which trust becomes a liability.

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Competitive advantage

  • Novel research approach to the concept of “Trust” in the business context
  • Innovative concepts in inter-firm cooperation – interaction pattern and coordination cost
  • Experience in maximising performance and profits through placing a focus on cooperation and trust rather than competition


  • Cooperation over competition – transforming the views of business
  • Changing the perception of contracts to reduce uncertainty in the environment
  • Improving trust in online retail settings, where personalised service requires private information
  • Demonstrating trustworthiness in crowdfunding applications
  • Increasing the dialogue about trust in society and government

Successful applications

  • Large scale ARC-funded research examining various types of innovation in medium-sized Australian firms, including the result of knowledge transfer processes within a network of social relationships.

Capabilities and resources

  • Online survey tools
  • Experimental capacity/student subject pool
  • Editing major journals in trust research

Our partners

  • Medium and large Insurance firms
  • Medium and large finance firms
  • Medium to large retail companies