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The Interactive Visual Media Processing (IVMP) group is a world leader in developing coding, estimation and post-processing technologies for visual media, including images, video and higher dimensional media such as volumetric and plenoptic content.

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Competitive advantage

Technology is widely deployed for both civilian and defence applications with multiple coding technologies that have been and are being standardised internationally, as well as a wide range of software systems for compression, estimation, interactive communication and post-processing of visual media, including the commercially successful Kakadu toolkit.

Technologies include:

  • Scalable and accessible compression technologies
  • Motion, depth and illuminant estimation for video and camera arrays
  • Interactive visual communication for remote browsing of huge media, and
  • Interpolation, denoising and analysis


  • Faster image-based communication

Successful applications

  • Kakadu Software toolkit for JPEG 2000, which is licensed to more than 400 commercial organisations and continues to gain traction
  • JPIP technology for robust interactive image and video communication, which has been deployed on the battlefield by defence equipment manufacturers, as well as in many other sectors
  • FBCOT algorithm, which has recently been adopted as the foundation of the new JPH image coding standard, which will become ISO/IEC CD 15444-15 (committee draft released July 2018)

Capabilities and facilities

  • The IVMP media processing laboratory is equipped with high resolution camera arrays, extensive fibre cabling, advanced Intel server platforms, controlled lighting and multi-projector visualisation equipment.