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Intelligent snake-like robots are the next generation of surgical robots that will bring less invasive surgery and better outcomes to patients.

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Competitive advantage

  • Advanced expertise in robotic surgical instrumentation for minimally invasive surgery
  • Innovative design and modelling of flexible snake-like robots
  • Intelligent sensing to enable situational awareness
  • Better design and implementation of human-robot interaction


  • Less invasive surgery for patients through innovative design and fabrication
  • More dexterity for the surgeon
  • Larger accessibility through small incisions
  • Safer operations with real-time sensing
  • Easier surgical operations with better human-robot interaction

Successful outcomes

  • Successful cadaveric trials in ear nose throat surgeries
  • Successful cadaveric trials in orthopedic surgeries

Capabilities and facilities

  • Capability of prototyping from scratch
  • Advanced collaborative robotic arms
  • Advanced tracking systems
  • Portable ultrasound system for surgical guidance

Our partners

  • St George Hospital
  • Prince Charles Hospital
  • Holy Spirit Northside Private Hospital