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Although there is a variety of technologies and market design features that can assist with the integration of large-scale Variable Renewable Energy (VRE), delivering reliable and low-cost electricity through the transition will require new approaches to planning, operation and market reform.

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Competitive advantage

  • Working in industry, and lead and participate in International Energy Agency collaborations on integration of high penetration DER.


  • Provide data and tools to improve planning and operation of electricity industries with high VRE
  • Inform appropriate electricity market design and regulation for high VRE

Successful applications

  • Collaboration with many Governments and Regional Authorities, including the European Commission and Government of Greece.

Capabilities and facilities

  • 20 years’ experience in the integration of VRE into electricity networks
  • Expertise in electricity market and distributed energy modelling, data science applications to energy problems and the development of open source tools
  • Staff regularly consult to industry and government, and also work in industry, and so bring real-world experience to the team

Our partners

  • All levels of Government
  • NEM institutions
  • Network businesses
  • Industry associations
  • NGOs
  • Numerous consultants, renewable energy developers, distributed energy businesses and start-ups