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Undertaking immersive and interactive projects, through the use of next generation cyber/physical technologies, to re-imagine ways of creating, designing, learning and working.

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Competitive advantage

  • Multidisciplinary centre bridging key research areas across multiple faculties
  • World-leading expertise in Artificial Intelligence, AR, VR, Mobility and Robotics
  • Frontier 3D Cinematic, Modelling, Printing, Scanning and Robotic platforms
  • Global network of cutting-edge research and industry partners


  • Facilitating the application of next-generation immersive interactivity applications in contemporary art, cultural heritage, defence memorialisation, digital museology and mining simulation
  • Contributing to Australia’s international leadership in transformative aesthetic advances that translate cutting-edge visualisation research into industry application
  • Enabling end-users to explore interactive modelling of fictional and real-world scenarios in real-time at cinematic 1:1 scale through full-body physical exploration, supported by artificial intelligence systems
  • Providing innovative visualisation modalities greatly sought after in a world increasingly reliant on joint human and machine decision-making, facilitated through modelling of unpredictable real-world scenarios

 Successful applications  

  • Construction Safety VR for Brookfield Multiplex, Sydney
  • Cultural Heritage Installation for The Smithsonian, Washington
  • Metro 3D Immersive Prototyping for WSP, Sydney
  • Mine Training and Planning VR Systems for China Technology & Engineering Group, Fushun

 Capabilities and resources

  • 360 degree full-body AR and VR Platform with 20M pixel resolution
  • Wide range of Head Mounted Display systems
  • Ultra-High-Definition 5K fixed and mobile 2D/3D scanning systems
  • Advanced Robotic Interaction facilities
  • Interface for seamless communication between physical and virtual worlds
  • Key research areas across multiple faculties of Art and Design, Art and Social Sciences, Engineering, Science and NIDA.