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High-speed Mach number and angle of attack sensor for hypersonic vehicles.

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Competitive advantage

  • Specifically designed for sensing applications in hypersonic flight
  • The device is capable of measuring temperature, Mach number, speed and angle of attack for hypersonic vehicles
  • Spin-off technology has been patented as an air-speed sensor for subsonic vehicles
  • More stealthy and faster response rate than pitot tubes, and able to be used from subsonic to hypersonic flight domains
  • Not as susceptible to icing as standard pitot tubes


  • Enhanced control of hypersonic vehicles
  • Replacement for pitot tubes in subsonic aircraft and large UAVs

Successful applications

  • Flight test associated with the Australian Space Research Program “Scramspace”
  • Measured under 20 g acceleration conditions in flight
  • Subject to obtaining an export licence, a proposed flight test with the Korean Aerospace Research Organisation KAIST
  • Funding from the US Air Force

Capabilities and facilities

  • In-house development of all optics, electronics and communications technologies