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Hydrogen is regarded as the fuel of the future because it possesses the highest mass-energy density of any fuel. Hydrogen production from electrochemical water electrolysis is considered as the simplest and cleanest approach to producing highly pure H2.

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Competitive advantage

  • Setting records for high-efficiency and low-energy consumption in the production of hydrogen
  • State-of the-art free-standing, low cost transition-metal-based catalyst electrodes
  • Innovative and environmentally friendly, highly-integrated water electrolyser design that is suitable for installation and reassembly
  • Easy to integrate with renewable electricity from solar and wind


  • High profile research and development that has received extensive attention in the international community
  • The new generation electrodes greatly reduce water electrolysis energy consumption
  • Accelerated commercialisation of hydrogen technologies

Successful applications

  • Industrial application of electrodes for highly-efficient, large-scale hydrogen production
  • Advanced flow water electrolyser cell, for the production of hydrogen

Capabilities and facilities

  • Expertise in design and fabrication of binder-free 3D water electrolysis electrodes with desirable structures and functions
  • In-operando spectroscopy techniques for mechanism understanding
  • State-of-the-art laboratory and industrial facilities for electrode fabrication, characterisation and real-time durability testing in harsh conditions

Our partners

  • Kohodo Hydrogen Energy Co. Ltd
  • RayGen Resources Pty Ltd