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Hydrogen Fuel Cells consume hydrogen and air to produce electricity and water, and are a cornerstone technology for a greener and more sustainable future. The key issue in achieving wide-scale commercialisation is the reduction of cost.

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Competitive advantage

  • Zero-CO2 emission technology
  • In-house expertise exists across all scientific and engineering requirements to design and test a stack
  • Low-cost, Earth-abundant non-precious metal electrodes


  • Accelerating the commercialisation of low-cost hydrogen fuel cells
  • Enhancing the performance of hydrogen fuel cells improves durability and efficiency

Successful applications

  • Combining novel electrodes and membrane in hydrogen fuel cells
  • Assessing the electrochemical performances of novel catalysts in electrochemical devices

Capabilities and facilities

  • Expertise in fuel cell catalysts development and diagnostic techniques
  • State-of-the-art hydrogen laboratory
  • In-house, custom-made manufacturing of membrane electrode assembly
  • Testing of hydrogen fuel cells with several commercial fuel-cell testers
  • In situ and operando testing capabilities

Our partner

  • Kohodo Hydrogen Energy Co. Ltd