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Hydrogen is a clean energy vector that can enable zero emission and a decarbonised economy. Development of suitable technology to utilise hydrogen safely and with high efficiency will enable the transition this a new economy based on the use of hydrogen.

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Competitive advantage

  • Unique world class expertise in the design/conversion of common appliances effectively using hydrogen as a fuel to generate electricity or heat. Expertise for the integration into existing infrastructures
  • Hydrogen can be used with a fuel cell to generate electricity with high efficiency and water a sole emission
  • Hydrogen can be catalytically burnt to generate heat to do work
  • Robust and simple technology based on the most advanced innovative solutions developed at UNSW


  • Potential to revolutionise the way hydrogen can be used in everyday life and facilitate the transition to a hydrogen based economy.

Successful applications

  • Hy-cycle, hydrogen powered bicycle demonstrating the effective use of hydrogen with a fuel cell to generate electricity on-board a bicycle
  • H2Q, a hydrogen powered BBQ, catalytically burning hydrogen without any flame

Capabilities and facilities

  • State of the art research facility for designing and testing appliances/devices effectively using hydrogen
  • Prototyping and optimisation capability