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Battery storage plays an important role in microgrids, improving grid reliability and resilience while facilitating effective operation of critical and frequency-sensitive loads. Battery storage is critical both for daily operation of a microgrid, as well as providing for grid redundancy in extreme events.

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Competitive advantage

A complete test bed and procedures for assessing battery storage performance under different grid events to:

  • Improve the reliability and resilience of grid supply using coordinated microgrid battery storage
  • Improve continuous supply for electricity demands and demand side management
  • Provide reliable and economical reserve


  • More reliable and efficient microgrid performance

Successful applications

  • Development of a hybrid portable mobile microgrid station system
  • Microgrid planning tools and capability for urban and remote area
  • Hybrid portable mobile microgrid station for Australian Defence Forceā€”a project focussed on hybrid battery storage systems for mobile and reliable power supplies for remote operation activities

Capabilities and facilities

  • Energy and power research group with industrial standard software
  • Hardware-in-the-loop testing bed for energy storage systems with programmable grid simulations on real time digital simulators (RTDSs)

Our partners

  • Remote energy users including farmers, mining sites and army forward bases