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Development of high-temperature materials resistant to high temperature corrosion; with application in gas turbine engine components, particularly high-pressure turbine blades and rotors, which are exposed to harsh environments.

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Competitive advantage

  • One of the world’s leading research groups in the field of high temperature corrosion and high temperature materials development
  • Extensive research and development experience, academically and in industry, in high temperature alloys


  • Increasing the lifetime of materials in corrosive environments at high temperature
  • Corrosion resistant high temperature materials are essential for many important industries, e.g. power generation (coal-fired electricity, solar thermal energy), and defence

Successful applications

  • Metal dusting prevention for Haynes International (USA) and Exxon Mobil (USA)
  • CO2 corrosion in gas cooled unclear reactors (AGR) for EDF (UK)
  • Alloys to resist hot carburising-sulfidising gases in processing Queensland shale oil

Capabilities and facilities

  • Excellent facilities, particularly in the field of corrosion by mixed gases, including:
  • Arc-melting apparatus
  • Thermogravimetric analysers
  • High temperature flow reactors with mixed gas control systems

Our partners

  • Oak Ridge National Lab, USA
  • Forschungszentrum, Juelich, Germany
  • Karl-Winnacker-Institute DECHEMA, Germany