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Offering a strategic and academically rigorous approach to regulatory analysis and design with a focus on best governance practice, to ensure that regulatory responses are robust and evidence-based.

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Competitive advantage

  • A team drawn from around the world which consists of renowned experts and global leaders in regulatory thinking
  • Vast experience in both regulatory and governance design


  • At a time when the clamour of calls for regulators to “do something” is a challenge for both those who set and those who are governed by, regulations, robust research and well-considered analysis are essential.

Successful applications

  • Research has been used by regulators around the world
  • Provided significant support to the Hayne Royal Commission
  • Domestically, the team has worked with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Australian Communications and Media Authority, Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the Treasury at a Federal level, and with many NSW State agencies
  • Internationally, they have worked with regional regulators including in Cambodia, China, Laos, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand

Capabilities and resources

  • The research network has members across a variety of regulatory disciplines including networked industries and emerging technologies
  • All team members have deep experience both as regulators and as advisers to those operating within regulations