Functional Particles and Powders

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Microfluidic spray drying is a versatile route to engineer high quality powders with better functionality and ease of handling. It allows precise control of functional particles, including thermal sensitive / bioactive particles and microencapsulates for controlled release, and is useful for testing new formulations in functional foods and nutraceutical applications.

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Competitive advantage

  • Spray drying is already commercially available and used in various manufacturing processes
  • The microfluidic spray drying method can produce very precise and controllable particle properties for specific applications, for example:
  • Mesoporous particles for catalytic and bio-adsorption applications (Prov. Patent AU2013904021),
  • Core-shell particles for controlled release,
  • Microparticles as carrier of nanoparticle vaccine for pulmonary delivery
  • Dairy powders with improved functional properties


  • Improved functional properties of specialty food and dairy powders
  • Improved targeting and controlled release for pharmaceutical applications
  • Improved efficiency in industrial spray-drying processes

Successful applications

  • Developed knowledge to extend shelf life for specialty dairy powders in collaboration with Bega
  • Improved the properties of heat-sensitive and high-protein dairy powders in partnership with Dairy Management Inc. and Land O' Lakes
  • Better understanding of operations of the Bionov spray dryer at INRA (France) and the multi-stage spray dryer at Davis Dairy Plant (US)
  • Developed formulations for a new product range in collaboration with Nutrition Innovation Singapore

Capabilities and facilities

  • Microfluidic spray drying to develop new formulations
  • Pre-treatment facilities for feed emulsions, prior to spray drying
  • Analytical facilities including an ARES G-2 controlled strain rheometer

Our partners

  • Dairy Management Inc.
  • Land O' Lakes, Inc.
  • Bega
  • Saputo Dairy Australia
  • Fonterra Australia
  • Nutrition Innovation Singapore
  • INRA
  • Jacobs Douwe Egberts