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Expertise in designing teleoperation systems, flexible surgical robots, magnetic capsule endoscopy and soft wearable devices to improve the human quality of life.

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Competitive advantage

  • World-leading technologies on soft robotics, wearable devices, and flexible surgical systems with multifunctionalities that can be widely applied in various applications
  • Expertise in mechanical design, electronics, system modelling, functional materials, and nonlinear control
  • Experienced in international patent protections
  • Strong collaboration networks in USA, Singapore and Australia


  • Improved the human quality of life with cutting-edge technologies for haptics, entertainment, and healthcare

Successful applications

  • World’s first flexible endoscopic robot for gastrointestinal cancer treatment
  • Soft magnetic capsule robot for weight management
  • World’s first multifunctional soft electromagnetic actuators, soft planar textile muscles, and microtubule sensors for haptics and robotic applications

Capabilities and facilities

  • Full-scale experimental equipment for real-time control and characterisation of robotics and mechanical systems

Our partners

  • Prince of Wales Hospital