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Using insights from neuroscience, economics, philosophy and sociology to assess the social impact of actuarial work.

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Competitive advantage

  • Actively contributing to regulatory reform in financial services
  • Executive and non-executive level experience in industry
  • Important contributions made to professional bodies and policy reform initiatives
  • Expertise in a range of academic disciplines
  • Ability to provide an insider’s view on four decades of corporate culture and change in South Africa and Australia
  • Convenor of the Actuaries Institute Retirement Incomes Working Group
  • Academic and practical experience in product design and financial advice


  • Helping the actuarial profession fulfil its social role by using product design, professional guidance and regulatory change to create financial security and reduce corporate greed.

Successful applications

  • Work on greed and ethics is directly relevant to cultural and regulatory change subsequent to the Royal Commission
  • Work on retirement incomes is directly relevant to Superannuation Funds’ development of their Retirement Income Covenants

Capabilities and resources

  • Product development, where benefits (and underlying investments) match the needs of the bereaved, the disabled and the elderly
  • Professional education and regulation to support the development of judgement and justice
  • Contributions to government policy