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New technology delivering the highest environmental survivability to photovoltaic (PV) power systems by reducing the impact of wind loads and heat stress.

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Competitive advantage

  • PV platforms provide silent sustained energy to support the power-intensive electronics of modern equipment in isolated locations
  • The energy yield of tracking PV technology is 40% higher per unit area than ideally orientated fixed PV systems. Off-the-shelf concentrating-PV (c-PV) modules (using multi-junction technology) outperform the highest efficiency PV modules by 50% when facing the sun
  • The environmental survivability of the rugged c-PV system is enhanced by Double-Layer Orthogonal Offset Platform (DLOOP) technology which sheds up to 30% of the wind load on platforms and thermal stress from PV modules
  • Development of DLOOP platforms integrating c-PV modules promise twice the power per unit area of the best fixed single silicon modules while compatible with field deployment requirements: featuring unfolding hinged sections with elevation control from a road tractable trailer mount
  • Patented DLOOP technology


  • Supply chain facilitated by autonomous electric power to outposts delivered by the sun
  • A rugged PV power system with maximised environmental survivability

Capabilities and facilities

  • Modern prototype machine workshop managed by PEMS.
  • Central warehousing and integration facility of 600m2 located in Queanbeyan, NSW