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Energy efficient buildings, Building Integrated and Building Applied PV/energy systems for low energy buildings and highly efficient fluid handling systems.

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Competitive advantage

  • Expertise in analysis of energy systems to enhance energy efficiency and renewable energy integration, technical and economic optimisation.


  • Step changes in energy performance through the integration of highly optimised efficient and renewable energy systems
  • High-efficiency fluid handling systems capable of delivering significant energy and emissions savings for commercial and residential buildings

Successful applications

  • Led the program for CRC for Low Carbon Living – many successful projects taken up by industry
  • Algorithms to predict energy demand and solar system performance for individual dwellings were adopted by an industry partner
  • Highly efficient fluid handling systems for HVAC in Buildings – optimised HVAC design, adopted by industry partner
  • Highly efficient solar thermal, PVT fluid handling systems – world record COP for solar pool heating implemented with industry partner
  • Energy efficient building modelling and designs adopted by industry partners

Capabilities and facilities

  • Technical and economic analysis of energy and renewable systems, measurement, modelling, and forecasting
  • Development of multipurpose renewable energy systems (PV/Thermal)

Our partners

  • BlueScope Steel
  • CSR
  • Solar Analytics
  • Simply Better Pools Savings