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Rising energy costs, limited access to low-energy appliances and poor-quality housing has left many low-income families having to sacrifice daily essentials and social connections in order to keep a roof over their heads. It is a problem that requires strong political leadership and the support of community programs to solve.

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Competitive advantage

  • Experience to be able to provide detailed, first-hand accounts of the impacts of energy deprivation—from skipping meals and medication, to widespread loneliness and social isolation
  • World-class capabilities to review housing and social policies


  • Policy change to improve the quality of housing
  • More equitable social and financial support for low-income families

Successful applications

  • Demonstrated carbon reductions by retrofit implementations
  • Submissions to, and an invitation to present at, Senate Inquiry public hearings
  • Discussions with industry bodies and government agencies for policy development

Capabilities and facilities

  • Extensive knowledge of housing and social policies in Australia
  • Close working relationships with social and housing development industries
  • Links with international experts on housing policy development

Our partners

  • The Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living
  • The Salvation Army
  • The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage
  • Council on the Ageing