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Energy and Environmental Markets is a Centre devoted to studying the challenges and opportunities of clean energy transition within market-oriented electricity industries. Key aspects of this transition are the integration of large-scale renewable technologies and distributed energy technologies (generation, storage and ‘smart’ loads) into the electricity industry.

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Competitive advantage

  • The Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets (CEEM) is unique in that it brings together experts across engineering, business, social sciences and law
  • One of Australia’s leading research groups on restructured electricity industries with more than a decade’s experience delivering expert solutions on market design, regulatory arrangements and related policy framework development
  • Extensive expertise in electricity market and distributed energy modelling, data science applications to energy problems and the development of open source tools


  • Increase the understanding of the role of storage in the transition of electricity systems and markets to integrating high penetration renewable energy, both centralised and distributed.

Successful applications

  • Open source tools including market dispatch, tariff design and distributed energy sharing and aggregation models
  • Interdisciplinary frameworks for policy, market and regulatory assessment and design
  • Analysis of impacts and value of storage and demand response on networks and power systems, over a range of timeframes
  • Assessment of the potential and value of storage and demand response for integration of variable renewable energy

Capabilities and facilities

  • High performance computing
  • Access to the National Computational Infrastructure, Canberra