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Trust is grounded in emotional experience. Understanding the emotional basis of trust is key to not only building and maintaining it, but also repairing it when broken. A scientific approach in this domain yields deep insights into the nature of human behaviour.

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Competitive advantage 

Expertise in:

  • Identifying which emotions influence trust, and when they exert influence
  • Understanding the sources and consequences of emotional experiences
  • Studying interpersonal dynamics in the context of both novel and ongoing relationships
  • Building insights across individuals, groups, and organisations
  • Developing interventions to promote positive outcomes
  • Deploying a range of research designs, including experiments, field research, and longitudinal studies
  • Collecting and analysing complex datasets


  • Increased awareness of the emotional factors that influence trust across sectors of society
  • Improved relationship management
  • Enhanced policy development that appreciates the emotional basis of trust

Successful applications  

  • Deploying interventions, grounded in empirical science, that serve to enhance individual or collective experience
  • Optimised communication strategies

Capabilities and resources

  • State-of-the-art technology facilities, including psychophysiological recording equipment and multi-angle video-recording capabilities
  • Behavioural paradigms deploying immersive virtual reality technology