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Enabling the design and advanced manufacture of smart materials and devices using patented disruptive technologies that emulate the intrinsic mechanical gradients of natural tissues, like bones and trees.

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Competitive advantage

  • World-first patented technology to recursively weave textiles with mechanical gradients and patterns emulating nature‚Äôs own
  • Unique patent technology to engineer and manufacture composites comprising engineered textiles and smart matrix


  • Addresses the current shortcomings of implantables including surgical meshes, stents and surgical reconstruction implants
  • Enables novel drug delivery strategies for combination devices, dressings and implants

Successful outcomes

  • Preclinical testing underway for implants and wearables

Capabilities and facilities

  • Prototyping and tech innovation facility at partner start-up in NSW

Our partners

  • TissuTex Pty. Ltd., NSW Australia
  • Food and Drug Administration, USA
  • National Institutes of Health, USA
  • Cleveland Clinic, USA
  • Case Western Reserve University, USA
  • Stanford University School of Medicine and D School, USA
  • University of Lund, Sweden
  • Ludwig Maximilians University, Germany
  • Christopher Columbus Foundation - US Chamber of Commerce
  • Wallace Coulter Foundation, USA
  • AO Research and Development Institute, Switzerland