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Design, optimisation and control of various permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) geometries, delivering improved torque and power density, reduced cogging torque, and extended constant power operating range.

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Competitive advantage

  • Expertise in highly efficient, low cogging torque, wide constant power speed range permanent magnet synchronous motors, generators and their advanced drive systems
  • Development of the first sensorless control and fractional-slot concentrated wound IPM machines
  • Expertise in enhanced control techniques, including direct torque and flux control, mechanical sensorless control and model predictive control
  • Expertise in PMSMs for application in renewable energy systems
  • Expertise in the design, optimization, manufacture and testing of IPM machines with V and other shaped magnets embedded in the rotor, as well as fractional-slot concentrate wound (tooth-coil) PM machines that demonstrate very high torque and power density and deep filed weakening range


  • More efficient motors and generators

Successful applications

  • Development of fractional-slot IPM machines
  • PWM based sensorless control
  • High-speed IPM machines

Capabilities and facilities

  • Finite-element packages such as Magsoft and Ansys, with optimisation tools that have been developed in-house
  • Two and three-level inverters, several machine drive set-ups complete with shaft position sensors, torque sensors, highly dynamic loads
  • Four-quadrant dynamometer, simulation platforms (Matlab–Simulink, PSIM), FPGA and DSP systems with high-performance signal acquisition, estimation and switch gate-drive interfaces

Our partners

  • Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium (WEMPEC)