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Focused on conducting research and actively contributing to the national defence strategy by educating and training front-line cyber defenders, as well as raising cyber awareness within government departments and corporations, to combat an increasing and persistent threat to global security.

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Competitive advantage

  • Design and development of user-centred and value-sensitive security and defence technologies
  • Proactive and adversarial approaches to protecting computer systems, networks and individuals from attacks
  • Experience in the evaluation and design of secure and resilient data acquisition and control systems for critical infrastructure
  • Expertise in developing security and resilience for complex networks and systems
  • Analysis of international and national security policy, strategy and diplomacy in response to the cyber age
  • Developing novel artificial intelligence techniques for automatically discovering and preventing advanced cyber-attacks


  • Enabling the next generation of defence leaders and influencing thinking in the cyber domain

Successful applications

  • Enhanced defence capability in cyber security through the delivery of postgraduate and tailored courses delivered by leading industry professionals in collaboration with academic staff. Courses include: strategy, policy and management through to operational, tradecraft and digital forensics
  • More research focus in successful applications

Capabilities and facilities

  • Five cyber laboratories including virtualised solutions, peripheral software packages, and specialised hardware
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) table
  • Digital forensics laboratory
  • Our key partners
  • Australian Army
  • Information Warfare Division
  • Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group
  • Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group