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Modern and intelligent building technologies and design that minimise the energy consumption of commercial and residential buildings in order to improve efficiency, reduce cost and save lives.

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Competitive advantage

  • Expertise in minimising energy consumption and improving thermal and visual comfort
  • Recognised achievements in reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions and indoor pollutants


  • Improving indoor thermal comfort and reducing the instance of heat-related mortality and morbidity
  • Bettering health, refining comfort and delivering productivity with minimum energy consumption

Successful applications

  • Expertise has been applied successfully in more than 500 large-scale building projects around the world
  • Collaboration with major construction companies

Capabilities and facilities

  • A fully-equipped laboratory able to perform any kind of energy and environmental measurements in buildings
  • State-of-the-art mobile energy bus with thermal cameras, tracer gas equipment, IAQ sensors and analysers, light and daylight measuring equipment, and a drone to perform aerial measurements
  • All types of tools to simulate energy usage in buildings

Our partners

  • Several companies that specialise in construction and the production of energy systems for buildings.