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The work of the Centre for Social Research in Health (CSRH) attempts to fill the gap between the promise of biomedical technologies and their translation as impactful interventions in the real-world.

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Competitive advantage

  • CSRH has built a national and international reputation – over nearly 30 years – in exploring the health and well being of populations, particularly those experiencing marginalisation
  • Led the world in monitoring the uptake of HIV prevention and treatment technologies
  • Expertise in the implementation and acceptability of new models of care, and investigations into under-use of new medicines
  • Designed new prevention technologies and studied factors affecting acceptability of new biomedical technologies
  • Work closely with affected communities, clinicians and policy makers


  • The mission is to support efforts to maximise the return on investments in new technologies to promote health, and to keep a careful watch on practices or policies that may create or exacerbate inequalities.

Successful applications

  • The potential to explore the factors that can optimise the roll out and scale of new medicines and technologies from the perspectives of:
  • End user (consumer)
  • Health worker (including at the bedside, in the laboratory, in prevention and treatment)
  • Stakeholder (industry, policy maker, funder)

Capabilities and facilities

  • CSRH is a specialist research centre. Researchers are leaders in their fields, with a strong reputation in the academic community
  • The Centre fosters the talents of the next generation of social science researchers through support for early career researchers and our postgraduate research program.