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A close collaboration between clinicians and biomedical engineering enables patient specific planning for complex cardiac procedures, and simulation to improve device design and delivery.

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Competitive advantage

  • Closely link engineering and clinical team
  • Well developed cardiovascular simulation focused on improving outcome
  • Experience with multimodal cardiac imaging techniques


  • Improved and accelerated device design
  • Increased certainty of procedural planning for early stage device implementation
  • Improved device sizing for complex procedures
  • Clinician education/skills simulation

Successful outcomes

  • Cardiovascular 3D printing for early-stage device development and testing
  • Patient specific simulation for first-in-man and early stage cardiovascular device deployment
  • Complex surgical and cardiovascular intervention planning

Capabilities and facilities

  • Cardiac segmentation and analysis
  • Cardiovascular simulation: COMSOL/Matlab
  • 3D Printing