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Developing advanced reflective cool materials for buildings and cities that significantly decrease the demand for cooling buildings and counterbalance the impact of urban overheating.

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Competitive advantage

  • The knowledge and expertise to improve environmental quality in deprived urban zones and enhance the sustainability and survivability of low-income households
  • A successful track record of:
    • Reducing the surface temperature of materials by up to 15°C
    • Decreasing ambient temperatures by up to 2°C
    • Lowering the cooling energy consumption of buildings by up to 40 per cent


  • High efficiency and low-cost materials reduce the cooling demand of buildings and cities and improve their environmental conditions
  • Improving building efficiency reduces the cost to cool buildings and contributes to the reduction of heat-related mortality and morbidity

Successful applications

  • Industrial products have been commercialised all around the world
  • Collaboration and testing of advanced products with many major industrial companies, like Daikin Chemicals and Isomat

Capabilities and facilities

  • A fully-equipped laboratory able to perform any kind of energy and environmental measurements for the development and testing of building materials
  • The lab includes a spectrophotometer to measure the spectral characteristics of materials
  • An accelerating ageing chamber to perform ageing studies
  • Equipment to measure emissivity, thermal conductivity and many other optical and thermal parameters of materials
  • Thermal cameras and other thermal measuring equipment

Our partners

  • Several construction companies, and companies producing energy systems for buildings.